Background of Mosaic Minds
The Mosaic Minds site was launched in August, 1999, and is owned by Mosaic Minds, Inc. Mosaic Minds, Inc. is primarily an internet-based organization that seeks to provide an online clearinghouse of information for those whose lives are impacted by the more extreme form of dissociation called "Dissociative Identity Disorder" (hereinafter DID), formerly called "Multiple Personality Disorder." We believe that those who survived significant trauma in their lives by using dissociation at an early age have demonstrated that their greatest strength lies within themselves. Mosaic Minds, Inc. seeks to provide fellow survivors a means of accessing and evaluating the plethora of information currently available on the subject of DID via the internet. Mosaic Minds, Inc. also seeks to provide an online format where people can share their experiences in living with this condition with others like themselves, and to provide access to literature on the topic of dissociation and allow for comments and critiques of such literature.

To this end, Mosaic Minds, Inc. offers interactive community forums for self-help and information for those whose lives are affected by trauma-related dissociation - both those who are dissociative and those who love, live with and/or care about someone who is dissociative. Therapists and other mental health professionals are also welcome but participate solely as educated lay people with an interest in trauma-related dissociation. Mosaic Minds is not a substitute for individual therapy, nor should professionals use it as their sole source of information and advice on working with people who experience trauma-related dissociation.