Other Features

You can include images, links, and videos in your post. To use any of these, click on the feature desired, which is located above the text entry box. The process will then open a scripted window at the upper left of your screen asking for the url. Please note if your computer settings are such that they interrupt scripted window requests, to allow the process to work you may need to click on a permissions message from your computer. You can then reclick on the function desired and continue completing the process. Please read the Creativity Corner Rules about placement on Mosaic Minds of images, whether pictures or video.

You can include a poll as part of your thread. This can be a fun, easy way to conduct surveys. To do this, start your thread the normal way. When the "Post a New Thread" screen is up, scroll down below the text entry box to the Poll option and click on the box indicating you want to post a poll, and fill in the number of options (answer choices) you will have in the poll. When you have filled in whatever text you wish to post in the message area, click "Post Thread." This will then bring up in a poll configuration window. Fill in the information you want, and then scroll down and click on the "Post New Poll" button. The poll will appear above your post, as the first item in the thread.

You can receive emails of updates to a thread or forum by clicking on the subscribe feature. For threads this is located at the bottom left of the thread. For forums it is located on the on the right side above the list of threads in that forum.

You can add an avatar and/or a signature to all your posts. This is controlled in the User CP.

The Search function allows for finding posts by keywords, usernames, and/or time period.

On the Calendar, you can enter events for either private or public viewing. Private viewing means only the one who created the entry can see it. All registered members can see public entries. To add an entry, click on the Calendar link located at the top of the screen. When the calendar month page comes, scroll past it and select "Add Public Event" or "Add Private Event." This will bring up the screen where you specify the date for the entry, and other information. When you are finished, click on "Post Event." To view public entries, click on the Calendar link. If you wish, you can click on any entry to see any other more detailed information entered.

Forums do not need to be routinely trimmed, so your posts will be available for a long time.