Post Formatting and Editing
There are many features which let you change the appearance of your text - bolding, underlining, striking-out, different colors, and quoting are a few of the options. To use these, highlight the text you want to change, then click on the desired feature, which is located above the text entry box. You can add smilies - position curson where you want it to go, then click on the desired smilie from the box on the left of the text entry box.

The Spoiler function hides text from view. To access the text, the reader must click on the Show button which appears in the post. To put information into the Spoiler, position your cursor where you want the Spoiler to appear, then click on the Spoiler button and enter the information you want hidden from view.

You can preview your post to make sure it says what you wish and appears as you want it to. Please be aware that while it appears to have posted, you MUST then scroll down and POST it after previewing or it will be lost.

You can change (edit) your post for up to 60 minutes after posting it.

You can save a post draft if you are interrupted before finishing it. You can then come back to it later. It will be found via User CP in the Miscellaneous category on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can see which threads you've started by looking in your User CP. You can also click on the View Your Threads link at the top of any forum page.

You can, via the Quick Reply feature, enter a response to a post without having to make an extra click on a reply button. Please note that this method of reply does not have any text editing or post rating capabilities.