Replying to an Existing Post
There are four methods with which to reply to a post. Any of these are acceptable to use. The choice of which to use is likely dependent on the functionality you wish, and where you are positioned on the page. The choices are:

The "Quick Reply" box appears under the thread you are reading. It is accessible without having to click on anything. This method is good for entering plain text only to a post that is the last post in the existing thread. This method has no text formatting, quoting, linkage or other additional capabilities.

The "Reply" box located under the text of the post puts into the top of your post the entire contents of the post to which you are replying. You may delete parts of this quoted content so that only a particular portion that you may be addressing will be shown. This method of replying does allow full formatting capabilities to your post.

The "New Reply" boxes located both above and below the the thread allow full formatting capabilities in your post, but do not automatically fill in any quoted text.

In the default linear viewing mode, replies made by all methods will appear at the end of the thread. If, however, you choose (via the "Threaded Mode" option at the top of a thread, or by setting this option in your User CP) to view a thread in "Threaded Mode," a reply made using the "Reply" box will appear indented under the post to which it is replying.

To reply to an existing post, click on the method you choose (if not the "Quick Reply"). Fill out the fields in the form. The "Post Subject" field will automatically be filled in with the title of the thread, but may be changed. Choose a rating for your post. Click on "Post Reply."

Please note that if you click on "Preview Post" your post will appear as if posted, but you must then scroll down and click on "Post Reply" before you leave the screen or your post will be lost.