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To start a new thread, select "New Thread" located at either the top or the bottom of the community forum most applicable to the topic you'd like to discuss. A description of each forum is printed under the title of each forum section and at the top of each forum. Additionally, the community forum structure is defined on our Community Page. Fill in the appropriate information in the "Post a new Thread" form. Sometimes people will put the entire message in the subject and indicate that there is no further message inside with "nm" or "nmh" for no message or no message here. However, in the default linear format which Mosaic Minds forums use, this technique is less useful and the message is easy to overlook. In any case, something must be put in the comment field, even if it is only one character (not a space). Choose a rating for your post, as this is beginning the thread and gives readers an indication of the subject matter, strength or emotional tone of the content in the post and the thread. When you are done, click on the "Post Thread" button at the bottom of the screen.