The Kids' Forums
Mosaic Minds Interactive Community includes a forum called the Playground, which is especially for inside kids. However, we would recommend that, whenever possible, your inner kids are accompanied everywhere by an adult from your system. It is the responsibility of each multiple system to keep its own members safe. It is especially important that an adult accompanies your inner kids when they first post to the kids’ forum to help them understand what is and isn't appropriate for the forum and to help them post their own introduction.

In order to keep the Playground as safe as possible to allow the inner kids freedom to play and have fun with their friends, adults are allowed to interact with the kids at the Playground, but only to talk about the child's concerns; adult issues are not permitted. As a newcomer you should post with particular care, as many of our younger community members are easily frightened and may be triggered by strangers. You are advised to become known by interacting on the other forums before posting to the children at the Playground, and you should never post to a specific child if you do not already know an adult in the same system. We recommend that adult newcomers who intend to post at the Playground post first (including an email address) at the Welcome Wagon forum in the Visitors Center to introduce yourself and make your intention known. Adults posting at the Playground for the first time are advised to give the kids time to accept you as a safe and non-threatening adult. You should post a friendly introduction which tells the kids why you want to join them in the Playground.