Responding to Posts
After your first posts at the Welcome Wagon forum, it is a good idea to explore the other forums as appropriate - reading and responding to others' posts, asking any questions you have, offering your opinions and experience of coping, being friendly and supportive to others, and getting involved in discussions. The more often you post, the sooner people will get to know you, have a better chance of moving toward trusting you, and be more likely to respond to you.

If this all sounds far too daunting and you'd prefer to proceed more slowly, you might choose to focus on a few people you think you'd like to get to know better. Watch for their posts and respond in a friendly and open way. Re-introduce yourself to them if they have missed your introductory post. Remember, however, that all of us - newcomers and established community members alike - can choose who we post and respond to and who we wish to develop friendships with. Avoid writing in a way that might be interpreted as a demand for or expectation of a response from a particular member who you don't yet know well. It is, however, ok to ask for feedback to a particular post from the general community or from someone with whom you have already established a good relationship.