Community Standards
Our first piece of advice may seem obvious, but we would urge you to read the Community Standards. When all our community members adhere to these standards, it helps to keep the forums as safe and as comfortable as possible for all. If people are feeling safe and comfortable, they are more likely to reach out to others (including newcomers) in friendship.

Adhering to the Community Standards also makes the administration of the site (which is done by a group of members of Mosaic Minds on a voluntary basis) easier and less time-consuming. The Community Standards explain the few limitations we place on what can and can't be posted. Generally speaking, they can be summed up in the cliché "Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself." Genuine mistakes, particularly by newcomers, are tolerated - so please don't be put off from posting simply because you fear breaching a Community Standard by accident. Someone may point out your mistake (an administrator may even remove your post giving an explanation of why), but if you are seen to be learning from your mistakes, you will still find acceptance at Mosaic Minds.