Staying Safe

Alternatives to Self-Injury

Try delaying Take a shower Go out and be around people Go out and dig in the garden Call your T Call a friend Call 1-800-DONT-CUT Express your destructive feelings Break something safe Break old dishes you bought from a thrift store Rip apart an old cassette tape, smash the casing Throw ice cubes at […]

Grounding Techniques

Triggered now? Click here for quick list of ideas to ground. Triggering, as it is generally used in this community refers to being transported mentally or emotionally back in time to when the abuse was occurring. Perhaps something that someone said reminded a part of you about that time, maybe even on an entirely subconscious […]

Quick List of Things to Do to Ground

Quick List of Things to Do to Ground: Get ice or ice water Breathe – slow and deep, like blowing up a balloon. Take your shoes off and rub your feet on the ground. Open your eyes and look around. See you are in a different place than then. Move around. Feel your body. Stretch […]