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Hi There
We are The People. We have been around for a long time but got into other stuff so haven't been around much for a while. Then one day I missed it and once I figured out the new posting style I decided to introduce us. We don't know how many we are. And we though we had dropped down in numbers but sme have re-appeared. Most post under the people but a few: Katherine Ann (aka KA) is a teenager. Likes to joke around and tease. Age 14. Alexa is 15. Not as angry as she used to be. Peak whose 6. A girl. Peak will also write for Two whose name and age are the same (sorta) There are others who will self identify but usually put our group name with it when they post.

We were off sick for 2 years. Long story but we have celiac disease combined with total exhaustion due to a calamity of errors (KA says none of them were her fault) We self dxd with this as well. Had been fighting with Drs for 30 years. The calamities set it off really badly but we didn't know what it was at first. But now we have a decent job with good pay and we make our own hours. We still get tired but things are better.

That's all for now. Oh, Peak wants you to know that Unsher is her best friend. She hopes unsher comes back. She also misses Pirate who got annoyed at one of the bigs. She hopes he comes back also.

I Am My Only Chance For A Hero!
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Friendship/Support  RE: Hi There
Great intro. It's good for us old-timers to do this once in a while. You never know if there might be something we have in common with someone.

Is that coffee at the bottom of your post a Tim's? They actually have Tim's in at least one of the three major transit hubs in midtown Manhattan. We've never bought it, though.

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