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Caution  Movie- Unbelievable
I had started to watch the movie Unbelievable on Netflix one day but my headspace wasn't there for stories of SA. It has multiple stories but the same team that put the pieces together in order to know that there was a pattern.

I started to watch it again last night and binge-watched it. It was based on a true story with 2 cops looking for a serial R. All they had to go through. It also shared the stories of some of the women. All shapes, sizes, and ages.

During one part toward the end, something struck me. Nobody has ever said 'I'm Sorry.' I don't mean therapists or friends or doctors. I mean all of the men and women who assaulted me over the years. Yes the money would have been good (still would be) but more than anything the people over the years never said: "I am sorry I hurt you." The ones who didn't hurt me directly hurt me by lying on behalf of others.

That left me angry. It also explained why I couldn't stop pushing. And still can't.

I do recommend the movie. Just when you are in the space for it.
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