Therapy Dog for my Husband
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Therapy Dog for my Husband
For anyone here that doesn't know, both my husband and I have D.I.D. Last year we lost our alpha female Scottish terrier, the one my husband had bonded with, and he was kind of wrecked by the loss. Since then I have had an order in for a female puppy at a renown breeding kennel and they had a dog for me the other day. We picked up Abby yesterday and my husband's eyes are shining with the light of doggie happiness. We still had a miniature Schnauzer and another Scottie, but he did not have the opportunity fo bond with them as they were already adults when we got married three years ago.

It never ceases to amaze me how relaxed and happy pets make people feel. He hasn't stopped smiling since the puppy came into the house. I've also never seen him clean up dog poo before - a first. I told him that if he wants to bond with her (Abby), he will have to step up and be the head cook and bottle washer for her, and he is doing it. He disappeared into the front room with her an hour ago, which means they fell asleep together, which is SO cool. I love it that he loves his new pet and is connecting so strongly with her so quickly. It seems to me that they needed each other. She was being held back as a possible show quality dog, but it turns out one of her canines is slightly twisted, so this excludes her as show stock. She is already 5 months old and has been living in a large busy kennel all this time, so she really needed to get out and get into a forever home ASAP. So she's here and I haven't seen my husband this happy for months since he is having so many psych issues and medical issues as well. Now he is focusing on the little dog rather than on his own problems, and it such a relief for me to know that SOMETHING is helping.

Thank goodness for the special touch that animals have on us.
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10-07-2017, 09:33 PM
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RE: Therapy Dog for my Husband
that's wonderful (especially that he's enamoured enough to pick up poo)!
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10-08-2017, 05:18 AM
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