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RE: Do alters create "identities" on Twitter - KoalaGirl - 12-05-2017, 04:17 AM
Do alters create "identities" on Twitter
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RE: Do alters create "identities" on Twitter
Headaches and illness...every time. We get back together, things are blissfully happy, and he gets terrified... I already pointed out countless times that he had bouts of "blinding" headaches followed by abrupt changes in personality - a full switch, I began to suspect. After a half dozen times of him saying he had such headaches, I asked if he got migraines. He said no. But every time it was the same - the headaches, dizziness, feeling "ill"...and then he was different. And a sudden new crop of odd personas on Twitter.

The circumtances of and similiarities to the alleged people behind these accounts are beyond coincidence, but he denies it vehemently. He stands far more to gain from convincing people he's got DID than convincing them he *doesn't*, but he will stand by the most absurd explanations (an old GF is stalking and messing with him or other things that don't hold wawter.) That's almost the most incriminating part. And if he were clever enough to pull off a hoax (I think he is brilliant, but I don't think anyone could be that compartmented without being actually compartmented), it would solve half of his problems instantly. Problems that I think alters start and he is left wondering why people are reacting & accusing him of stuff he never did.

We are just a few days short of being together...sort of...for 2 years. I've already known him more than that. I think this "anniversary" is sending him into a spiral because he wants us to be together, but he wants to skip the real-life part where people don't just magically get together and everything is perfect all the time just because they're madly in love.

So I noticed he suddenly seemed all over the place the last day or so. It's harder to discern when we're just chatting on Whatsapp vs. in person, but I've known him long enough to detect the subtle changes. And now it's very discernible to me. Maybe it's not DID, but it is absolutely something during which marked, distinctly different characterisitics, opinions, values, and declared expectations are expressed in noticeable patterns. Not like a mood disorder, where "ok, now he's irritable and sarcastic; now he's jokey and silly; now he's sad and morose; now he's suspicious and accusing". It's like a different person is at the helm. Mr. X is talking to me, being "normal", having a rational convo, expressing XYZ set of opinons and values. Then he ducks out and comes back. After a few words, I now recognize the characteristics of what I can only describe as a different, distinct personality. Sometimes that person will suddenly seem oblivious to inside jokes and references that we refer to all the time.

I said it for more than a year before I ever realized *it really is a totally different person*. I realized that at one point early on I asked if he had a twin he hadn't told me about, I referred to Jekyll & Hyde; and I referred to him as being "Other Tex". In fact, even this most recent time, I joked, "Who is this? Did someone hack Tex's computer, because this sure doesn't sound like him." (He was suddenly asking if I had interest in doing something that the guy I was talking to 5 minutres prior would have jumped off a cliff to avoid. Figuratively, of course.)

The variations (personalities) are distinct and recognizable enough that I can now identify them with just a few key words - phraseology, preferences, little idiosyncrasies. One is randomly offensive and kinda racist. He is extremely sarcastic and uses pedantic phrases - sort of canned ones often. If you have to leave a convo to Google one of his references, it's probably him. One is very selfless and wants to make sure your needs are met, even if it's a sacrifice to him. He wants you to be happy and is happy seeing you happy.

I could go on all night.

But the strangest thing was that he said he didn't want to bring up (essentially the elephant in the room), but apparently someone he knew well had asked him if a particular Twitter account was his. He asked me if I'd seen it and would check it out. I knew it as soon as he mentioned the handle because I had long suspected it as him, as had someone else who knows Tex well. I can tell when he encounters something like that - an account he "knows" isn't "his", but all evidence points to it being him - and it is kind of freaking him out because even he sees the similarities. He wouldn't elaborate, but I do wonder whether he sees it showing up in his login pulldown or something.

He also mentioned some weird account that seemed to know him and was being very obvious about the stuff she was sending him in gif or meme form - like references only someone who knew him would make. Like she was doing it to make it be known she knew him.

And then tonight. He had a rough day at work and a rough night which he didn't elaborate on. We were going to talk at a set time, but when the time came, he said he was suddenly very ill. He never says "sick". He says "ill". I know he will no longer tell me if he has a headache because he knows I'm going to say he's having a switch. But honestly, I wanted to ask him yesterday if he was having one because of the way he's been behaving the past day or so. I wasn't surprised at the announcement of illness.

So...I don't know. I told him recently that I was afraid I wasn't good for him because this seems to happen when we get back togther, but he insisted I was good for him. That I "healed him". We'll see what tomorrow brings.
12-05-2017, 04:17 AM
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RE: Do alters create "identities" on Twitter - KoalaGirl - 12-05-2017, 04:17 AM

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