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Meanings of Message Rating Icons - MakersDozn - 06-16-2012, 11:49 AM
Meanings of Message Rating Icons
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News/Information  Meanings of Message Rating Icons
Not sure of what some of the message rating icons mean? Here's an explanation:

[Image: video.gif] A video clip is included in the post.

[Image: rainbow.gif] Spiritual content.

[Image: tongue.gif] A whimsical or irreverent post.

[Image: G.gif] Person posting is afraid.

[Image: SD.gif] Person posting is sad.

[Image: RA.gif]

[spoiler='Meaning of "Red Dot" Icon']Post contains RA/SRA content.[/spoiler]

[Image: QA.gif] Person is posting a question.

[Image: photo.gif] Post contains an image.

[Image: OT.gif] Person is feeling "so-so," or is posting with more than one feeling, or isn't sure what he or she is feeling.

[Image: NI.gif] Post contains news or information.

[Image: music.gif] Post contains music or other audio.

[Image: MT.gif] Post has content that is likely to be triggering.

[Image: JT.gif] Just talking - no strong feelings or triggering content.

[Image: ID.gif] Post contains an idea.

[Image: NW.gif] Person posting is new to the forums.

[Image: HD.gif] Person posting is happy.

[Image: FF.gif] Person is posting friendship or support.

[Image: FB.gif] Post contains feedback.

[Image: EN.gif] Person posting wishes to give someone a hug. (Note: It is recommended that the person posting first ask if the other person is okay receiving hugs.)

[Image: OK.gif] Doing OK.

[Image: C.gif] Use caution when reading. Some trigger potential, but not as much so as the May Trigger icon.

[Image: AN.gif] Post contains anger.

[Image: AD.gif] Agree to disagree with the post to which the member is replying.

[Image: AG.gif] Person agrees with the post to which he or she is replying.
06-16-2012, 11:49 AM
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Meanings of Message Rating Icons - MakersDozn - 06-16-2012, 11:49 AM

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