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new - BayDolphin - 12-10-2012

hi, we r new here. not sure how to get started. wanted to belong somewhere where we are not different from everybody else. thank you.

RE: new - mosaic - 12-11-2012

welcome! this is a great place to belong.

we're glad to meet you.

RE: new - MakersDozn - 12-11-2012

Hi BayDolphin,

Welcome to MM. We hope you like it here.


RE: new - Reilly - 12-11-2012

Hi Baydolphin.
Welcome to Mosaic Minds. You will find terrific support here.

RE: new - BayDolphin - 12-11-2012

hi, we wanted to say ty for welcoming us. our mother is in hospital and not doing good. she has cancer everywhere. some of us are very sad and unfortunately some of us are not cuz of abuse in past and cuz others angry that she didnt stop our father. has anybody else been in this kind of problem? ty

RE: new - Tangled Web - 12-12-2012

Welcome to MM. It is nice to meet you.

RE: new - BayDolphin - 12-12-2012

Hey Tangled Web, thank you for the welcome and liking our art. we arent gonna quit the day job. lol. anyway, if we can figure out how to post more we will. we like to paint. sometimes we can't cuz we aren't "allowed to waste the paper" but we try to remember that is what we were told to try and shut us up from telling. anyway, we were needing a kind word, so thank you!

RE: new - MakersDozn - 12-13-2012

Hi BayDolphin,

We're sorry that your mother is very sick. Our father had a mild cancer (if there is such a thing) a couple of years ago. He was treated and has been in remission since.

We're sending you strength and support.


RE: new - BayDolphin - 12-13-2012

ty MD. she has cancer to. lungs, liver, stomick. she yell at nurses n it scares us.

RE: new - MakersDozn - 12-13-2012


We're going to post to you about this on the Health Center board. That's where people talk about medical issues here. See you there.