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MM funds drive - nats - 11-28-2012

Dear MM community members,

We hope you have adjusted and are able to enjoy the new look and added features of the revitalised MM forums.

We are committed to ensuring that MM is free for all of us to enjoy its benefits. However, we do sometimes incur expenses that are too large for those of us managing things behind the scenes to absorb. As part of the major overhaul of the site and its management, we have discovered that to reinstate MM's nonprofit charity status we need to pay $400 to the Internal Revenue Service by December 20th.

We have $100 in the MM bank account to put towards this, so if you feel able to contribute anything towards the remaining $300 needed to keep MM alive as a charitable organisation, all contributions will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged. Please make the checks out to Mosaic Minds. Checks should be mailed to:

Mosaic Minds
PO BOX 611
Little Elm TX 75068

Unfortunately, we can't offer Paypal until MM's charitable status is reinstated.

RE: MM funds drive - Elizabethn - 11-29-2012

Done! :-)

RE: MM funds drive - The Warren - 01-22-2013

oh I am sorry I did see this too late but I will send you some money anyway.

RE: MM funds drive - The People - 03-23-2013

Wish I could have helped out but times are tough here. I always say next time but it does not happen. Can you give an update re whether you reached your goal? Um, I also have trouble sending cheques across the border; any money for that matter.

RE: MM funds drive - Cammy - 04-02-2013

Do money orders work? I've never done one before. Can I just go to my bank and do this? It just has to be made out to Mosaic Minds, right? Please help me out, I don't want to kack this up. Thanks.

PS: Is the PO Box 611 address still the right one? I'd like to get this right first try. Oh, if it's made out in Canadian funds is that a big problem? So many questions...I'd think I'd lived in a cave all my life (well, in a way, I have).

Thanks again.

RE: MM funds drive - nats - 04-02-2013

hi People and Igraine,
thanks very much for your offers of help. we managed (just managed Smile) to get enough for the charity reinstatement fees though we not yet have enough for anything else that might crop up this year.

Yes, the address is correct. not sure if money orders work between Canadian and US dollars but presumably they do. hopefully, someone with more recent experience will know.

RE: MM funds drive - mosaic - 04-02-2013

I would think that is something the folks at the bank would be able to help with - at least they might know if money orders work across the border - or they might know how to do it so that it does work.

RE: MM funds drive - Cammy - 04-16-2013

Well, I just got slammed with this year's federal tax bill, so if MM doesn't URGENTLY need funds right at this juncture that would be a good thing for me. All I can say is that last year I had to financially assist my ex who was nearly destitute and in liquidating some of my retirement funds I got majorly whacked with a huge tax bill. It will take a lot of creative banking to pay up this puppy, but I've got until the end of the month to come up with a PLAN. If I would just stop trying to help people in trouble these things wouldn't happen to me, but it just isn't in my nature to leave someone perishing in a ditch at the side of the road. I need to work on that. In the meantime, sorry MM...I'll do what I can for you after this gets sorted out. Ouch!