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Alter Jokes - My_horse_is_my_therapist - 08-25-2012

I was wondering if anyone else has a person in thier lives who tries to hlp them find the funny side of thier condition?

For me it's my sister ad some of the crap she comes out with just cracks me up and makes life so much easier. I'd love to hear anyone elses jokes and I hope i haven't offended anyone by asking!

It may not be funny to anyone else but I'll tell you some anyway.

My sister is a great cook, but sometimes when we go around for bbq's she asks me, in front of everyone, if any of my 'friends' will be stopping by. No one else has any idea what she is talking about, and they think it's quite rude that I would bring friends to a family function. It's makes me smile, which is so nice.

Other times she asks me if I'm going to switch and forget that I've eaten.... which is fine but she needs to know if she has to cook more.

When I was on the phone to her yesterday, the main house phone rang and i went to answer... someone keeps ringing and hanging up. She thinks one of the others thinks it's funny to crank call me. I would be worried that they might do that, only that we don't get mobile reception and i cant be in two place at once... i think :/

hope this makes you smile, but maybe you have to be there Tongue

RE: Alter Jokes - MakersDozn - 08-25-2012

We're glad that your friend is supportive, and that she's there for you.

We have very few people in 3d who know that we're multiple. And for those who do know, we're very deliberate in communicating to them that multiplicity itself isn't the problem; the real problem for us is the trauma that caused the multiplicity.

Anyway....we have a friend, a former co-worker who we've referred to here as "The Fart Lady" (we'll explain why at another time). She deals with her own recovery issues, so she understands the importance of trust and confidentiality. We don't get to see her very often, but we do have plans to meet her late next week.

Other than that, most of our friends are here at MM. We'd rather have a few friends who understand than a lot of friends who don't.


RE: Alter Jokes - Katz Krew - 09-03-2012

I like you sister's humorous MHIMT. I esp liked the "do I need to cook more" comment. I think it's great you can laugh at the situation. Course I've always had a warped sense of humor. IDK any jokes to share tho.

Jamie for Katz Krew

RE: Alter Jokes - sharon/treehouse family - 10-16-2012

That comment "need to cook more" made me lol. That's great that you have your sisster to lean on for support that makes you laugh that's awesome...

Ya I have joke:

How do you wake up lady gaga?

Poker face!
Poker face!


What does a. Blonde think a cheerio is?

A donut seed!!!! Smile

I hope that joke didn't afend anyone that wasn't my intention...

RE: Alter Jokes - Katz Krew - 10-17-2012

Lol Sharon! I've actually heard that some people use cherio's to trick their kids into thinking that they grew put them in the oven before they go to sleep setting the oven on the lowest setting. Kid goes to sleep. Parent shuts oven and replaces the tray of Cherios with a tray of donuts. I always thought that was a very cute idea.

Welcome back! I've not been here in a while either. Been sick. Good to see everyone.

Jamie of Katz Krew

RE: Alter Jokes - Downtherabbithole - 03-26-2014

My family doesn't know but oddly enough if I ever told them they'd prob be like ahh that's why u were like that.. But one thing my dad always would say when growing up and he'd drive somewhere n I'd ask if he wanted me to come in with him he'd say no stay here. Then as he would get out he'd say talk amonst yourselves ill be back in 5 ( or however long take him). Doesn't seem strange but when your alone in car ie after dad leaves and he says that it was funny especially now that I know bout condition he doesn't know how accurate he was. Oh he also used to say don't talk to strangers.but he meant strangers outside car, lol but don't think he knew I had strangers inside of me.. If he only knew. Lol