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online experiment - Five of Hearts - 06-04-2019

I'm active in a few online discussion community's that aren't about DID/survivor stuff, but unrelated stuff, and Iv'e started being open about being multi on a few of them.

on all of them is it's normal to be anonymous.

so far iv'e had some positive and accepting responses from my singleton online community buddy's and no negatives.

I'm only bringing up being multi if it's relevant to my feedback on other peoples threads, not just coming straight out with it in a new post or something.

not sure of my reasons exactly, mainly just wanting to be myself and not having to "adjust" what i share about my experiences. (aka lie)

early days so far but i'll keep an update here of how things go.

anyone else tried something like this? how did that go? or any other thoughts, advice, opinion? always welcome.

RE: online experiment - The People - 06-04-2019

Brave of you to go further afield, I am guessing it is because you feel safe here and want to check other places to see if they are equally as safe. That is just my opinion. However, I am glad that you found another safe place.

Years ago we found another site. It too was set up safely but it did not fit for me at that time. But we all need to stretch our wings sometimes. Go further than our eyes can see. But please keep coming back here as I do enjoy your company.

RE: online experiment - Five of Hearts - 06-04-2019

This place already feels like home people, i think your stuck with me.

I'm not sure these community's are necessarily safe for multi's as they have nothing to do with that or survivor or anything like that, but they do all have rules on etiquette, politeness, respect, axe grinding, going off topic etc.

your right tho, feeling safe here is a part of it, and having had the experience of being able to be our-self here as well. Even tho we haven't been here very long, being accepted as multi for the first time on MM has influenced a fundamental change in our own self acceptance.

thank you to everybody who is a part of MM

RE: online experiment - nats - 06-08-2019

that's great!