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Having a multi friend - The People - 05-25-2019

T actually arranged for us to meet another multi a while back. We meet about once a week to play crib. Two is fascinated that she has pink cards. Two has never talked to her but has texted her.

We do find some old ways coming back. Like thinking of something and it happening. Not exactly but we were talking about pain allergies one day and that night we went out to find some girls spray painting in the alley. Note to self. No more cutting through alleys at night.

But it really is nice to have someone to share with who understands. I have a few friends who are accepting but it isn't the same because they just don't get it.

RE: Having a multi friend - Five of Hearts - 05-28-2019

I think that's so amazing Two has done that, I can't imagine anyone but me talking to an outsider (or typing). I few times someone has gotten surprised and its been a scramble to get back in.

RE: Having a multi friend - dreamers - 06-08-2019

My big run a group for people who have littles on a habit tracking website called Habitica it’s not very active though

RE: Having a multi friend - Five of Hearts - 07-18-2019

I just looked up Habitica, it looks really cute.

RE: Having a multi friend - The People - 07-19-2019

Will look into it.