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Busy few weeks - The People - 04-27-2019

We had friends in town as he needed surgery. I spent a lot of time going to see them. In between I had to vote, go for a test and try to spend time with other friends. I took one night off and I could feel the adrenalin running out through my toes.

I went back into the mix for a bit then the friends went home. I miss the adrenalin. I spent too much money but it felt so good to help people again. I miss work after all of these years.

Two wants us to tell about the bunny. We have lots of bunnies in our neighbourhood. As we were going to vote we passed a house where the lady looked perturbed. A bunny was in her garden. She had called wildlife and they told her to check and see if it was dead but she was afraid. One of the teens did it for her and off went the bunny, totally fine.

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RE: Busy few weeks - mosaic - 04-28-2019

glad the bunny was ok. it's funny to have someone (the lady) be afraid of a bunny or something.

RE: Busy few weeks - The People - 05-01-2019

Oh Mosaic you should see the wild bunnies here. They could take your hands off but usually either run or freeze. Good news is that, despite the crappy weather they are brown!