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Invisible would be nice - Collectively US - 03-22-2019

I am a mess I feel like...i don't know but I feel sick to my stomach my acid is up, my mind spins out of control, my littles are freaked out, and others just want love and hugs. I feel over whelmed and crying wud not be hard to do. So much anger we had to listen to today. Fighting is hard to us to listen to or even yelling can cause us trouble. Wishing we had a cloack of invisibility.

RE: Invisible would be nice - mosaic - 03-22-2019

it sounds very awful - that kind of atmosphere is so stressful. we understand wishing for a cloak of invisibility we have wished for that many a time.

we wish we were close enough to come over and visit and give real hugs.

RE: Invisible would be nice - Collectively US - 03-23-2019

Thank you mosaic I was not aware that Angel reached out she is generally quite till she sees more or hears more she is an observer and she is very special to us. Thank you for the hugs.

RE: Invisible would be nice - Collectively US - 03-23-2019

It is now 6am he is up and complaining in the kitchen we can't sleep and even if we did he is mad and composing about stupid crap. Enough to wake us if we were sleeping. It's bad enough this house we live an work in seems like the floor is covered in egg shells. He has no regard for his step son who is 12 thinks that the problems this poor child is having in school is his fault and that he is just pretending to have problems cause he got caught in a lie. The step father was never home due to working on the road he has no clue what is going on. We tried his wife and I to tell him by he just didn't care. It's the boys fault. This sucks we are stressed out and not dealing well.

RE: Invisible would be nice - nats - 03-26-2019

so sorry you're dealing with this. guessing that his wife isn't able to get rid of him. people like that should live alone.

RE: Invisible would be nice - Collectively US - 03-27-2019

Yes I agree nats....i feel more bad for Angel she is mad at me or frustrated by me....we can't leave yet we have no options yet and no money even if we did. So for now we are stuck here.

RE: Invisible would be nice - The People - 03-27-2019

You have your step-brother Collectively Us. I hope you have a good relationship with him. Can you keep each other company? Is he in danger from what sounds to be a very unstable man? That isn't moving out but spending time with him away from the house would be a start for both of you. Has the man ever hurt either you or your step brother? He could be out (and sounds like he should be) and you could stay. Not that I wish that but it sounds like he is bad for everyone.