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bigs skrew up - The People - 02-05-2019

we gotta letr of say insepcton. we think it say 9. nabor say 5. we so over welm.

it say 5/19. we have no bedbugs we no couse we lergic of them. bad atak of them. but they com anaway time. we got date rong.we think it the 9 but itthe 5 tamoro.

fuk fuk fuk,

this my house partmet. go away.

RE: bigs skrew up - mosaic - 02-05-2019

it is so frustrating when we bigs mess up like that. you will get through it i'm sure because you are strong. it is annoying and im sorry you have to deal with all that stuff.

RE: bigs skrew up - The People - 02-05-2019

Thanks Mosaic. Two can be very unforgiving, especially in a situation that stresses us out. We got up this morning and cleared the floors. Did some dishes and other things. Thank goodness we ran into that neighbour last night.