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Told niece - The People - 01-11-2019

My eldest niece is 13 years younger than me, has 4 kids and works for CWS back east. One day I decided to text her. She was actually happy to hear from me. We just text. Mostly when she gets up early to have time to herself and when I am late to bed.

I told her about the DID and some other stuff. This was a longer post but I accidentally deleted some. The niece was...well I told her about the alcoholism first and she was surprised at how the family reacted. This is what an education can do for you.

Then I told her I have DID. And that you don't get it from the water. She said less about that. Probably needs to absorb it plus she had to get ready for work. But she didn't cut me off in the way that others have (I have many) Education and maturity.

Of course I am worried that it will backfire but she is pretty level headed.

RE: Told niece - mosaic - 01-11-2019

you are very courageous... and i'm hopeful that she will continue to connect with you. what is CWS?

RE: Told niece - nats - 01-12-2019

agree with mosaic, that's courageous and hope she stays engaged.

RE: Told niece - The People - 01-14-2019

Thanks Mosaic and Nats. CWS is child welfare services. She struggles with her Mom's wall. She said she believes me because of all that she hears at work. She knows that her mother struggles with stuff(Mom's first husband was her rock and he died of illness) I do worry that she will change her mind.