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Meeting another DID? - The People - 01-10-2019

My T works with other DIDs. We talked about a lot of things today. As we ended we talked about the isolation we feel. She has another client in the same boat. We may meet if she is interested. Of course I am interested but nervous. Like I felt when we first found out that we have DID. It has been so hard connecting with new people since we stopped working. I am excited/nervous. Scared she won't be interested. Hopeful that she will be,

RE: Meeting another DID? - mosaic - 01-10-2019

i hope you are able to connect - and find lots of commonalities. it would be great to have someone to share with besides T.

RE: Meeting another DID? - The People - 01-11-2019

Yes for sure. While this place is growing smaller (well we get new people but they don't stay) it will be nice to have a person here to chat with about the day to day stuff. Not the intense stuff as that is for T. But we used to have a group of friends where we lived before who would go for coffee and babble, laugh and feel reconnected. I was telling T about how we could tell stories and laugh till we cried. If people ever heard what we were laughing about they would be horrified. Best medicine. Now we don't have anyone with whom we can be our true selves.

RE: Meeting another DID? - nats - 01-13-2019

agreed, it makes total sense. such a shame this place is no longer a community as it once was, but time changes everything. we don't have anyone we can talk to like that anymore either. definitely worth trying to find it again if you have a chance Smile

RE: Meeting another DID? - The People - 01-14-2019

Thanks Nats. I had a support system where I used to live. Now I just have a couple who are friends here and some other people who... we are friendly but they are not people I would turn to in a crisis.

RE: Meeting another DID? - Collectively US - 02-24-2019

I find meeting another with DID can be good. They can understand like no other person can. We need friends weather they are DID or not. When I first met a friend with DID it was exciting finally someone who knows what it is like. They are very fluid and we are not always, I noticed as host that being in their company I would switch. No memories what I have is what I was told about the time we spent. They would have fun together maybe get a bite to eat. I hope it works out for you. As we ourselves dont have many friends in our new living situation

RE: Meeting another DID? - mosaic - 02-24-2019

i've had both positive and negative experiences meeting others with DID. i choose to focus on the positive ones or else i would really hamper myself.

RE: Meeting another DID? - Collectively US - 02-26-2019

That is always the best thing to do to see and focus on rhe positives. I really hope ot works out for you and that you van make new friends.

RE: Meeting another DID? - The People - 03-02-2019

I have emailed her and she responded. We are going to meet for coffee. I am glad but nervous. I imagine she is too.

RE: Meeting another DID? - mosaic - 03-02-2019

good for you for reaching out. i hope you both connect and can form a friendship.

RE: Meeting another DID? - Collectively US - 03-12-2019

Awesome people I wish you the best....

RE: Meeting another DID? - 9Bears - 03-12-2019

To connect with others is why I'm/we are here.