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Question for Nats - The People - 08-02-2018

How are you coming with the colouring? If you find it difficult to do it (I would) we could perhaps look at another way of doing it. We haven't visited that topic in quite some time.

I still go back and forth re what direction we should take with this. I like all of the ideas but IMO the simplest one would be the east for people to affiliate it with DID. I think of the braids within the braid but I don't want this to be my opinion in itself. The tree is good as well.

Please vote

1) Celtic knot in multiple colours with a shield on the front

2) 3 braids made into 1 braid with each strand at least one colour

3) Tree(a thought here is that it could become healthier living as it grows. Or it could be a simpler form of that tree I posted that fell to its side but had enough roots to keep it growing.

I don't know how we turn this into an international thing. I can approach the National office for Canadian Mental health and get advice from them. I really want this to work out. Please!

RE: Question for Nats - Collectively US - 08-04-2018

Tree with shield, or the braids for me

RE: Question for Nats - The People - 08-08-2018

After going through everything I am back to liking the braids. Simplistic, straightforward and it got public notice it could become recognizable.

RE: Question for Nats - Collectively US - 08-08-2018

Yeah I think that for both ideas though the tree is not simple like the braid is. Both could very well work.

RE: Question for Nats - The People - 08-09-2018

Yes but what I think is that the tree branches are not intertwined. Mind you not all alters in my system are intertwined. Does anyone remember the tree I posted that was pushed sideways by the wind but kept growing anyway! I like that one.