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Hubby in hospital - mosaic - 05-11-2018

he has had a swollen, painful hand for a week - and it hasn't responded to treatment. dr finally sent us to hospital to be admitted for IV antibiotics.

he will probably be there for 2 days.


RE: Hubby in hospital - The People - 05-13-2018

Have you been hiking or anything? A possible bite that cannot be seen? I hope he heals quickly.

RE: Hubby in hospital - nats - 05-13-2018

hope he gets better soon!

RE: Hubby in hospital - mosaic - 05-13-2018

thank you nats, and people. no he hasn't been hiking or anything... we suspect the infection came from when his arm was treated with "light therapy" to deal with precancerous stuff (he has had skin cancer lesions before). his arms got very sore - and he had some open sores. anyway, they're taking good care of him... i'm just waiting to see some improvement. i'll keep you posted.

RE: Hubby in hospital - Cammy - 06-21-2018

Mosaic - you posted this in May. It is now June. How is your husband doing now? I hope things are getting better. Did they determine it was an infection or some sort of blockage or reaction? It certainly sounded like it was nasty and painful. Please let me know how he is.

RE: Hubby in hospital - mosaic - 06-22-2018

sorry i didn't post an update like i promised...

it was a case of cellulitis - a staph infection. he was in hospital for a week while they treated it aggressively with antibiotics. then the orthopedic surgeon came and lanced it to drain it...

he was unable to work for another two weeks while his hand healed up. he's doing better now.

RE: Hubby in hospital - The People - 06-22-2018

Wow, good thing they caught that when they did. I hope he heals quickly!

RE: Hubby in hospital - Cammy - 06-26-2018

Mosaic: Thanks for the update. Those staph infections are SO tenacious and nasty. I'm glad that he's doing better and that he had a good outcome.