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So sad for her - The People - 04-23-2018

When I first moved to this city I met a couple at church. They lived half a block away and we soon became friends. She and I would go for wine and he would drive me to places that I couldn't find on my own. He was my GPS.

As they were in their early seventies.Now they are in early and mid-eighties and everything has changed. They are no longer capable of living alone. I went to visit her in the hospital this evening. She broke her hip 2 days after I took her to get a cast off her arm.

I was asking a nurse tonight if she would be released for rehab soon. The nurse misunderstood me and may have mistaken me for a family member. I was told that they were looking at a seniors residence (not their words). But he has advanced Alzheimers and she fell while trying to push his wheelchair.

This will be so hard on her. She wanted to keep him home until the end. I just pray that they are able to put them in the same building. They have different levels of need and it will not be long before he forgets her. This stage of life is so hard for all involved. I have been part of her support system these last few years. I am relieved yet saddened at the same time.

RE: So sad for her - mosaic - 04-23-2018

that is very sad. i hope they are able to stay together for as long as possible.

RE: So sad for her - The People - 04-23-2018

Thanks, Mosaic. She is off to a rehab centre. There is a rehab centre right down the street from their home. Karma couldn't make it easy and open a bed for her there.