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Anybody out there? - The People - 04-05-2018

If you drop by to read pause and say hello. These days it feels like I am the only one writing here most of the time. If you are just reading that is fine but find a way to wave if you are so inclined.

RE: Anybody out there? - nats - 04-05-2018

hi People, we're still here but nobody else seems to be. hope your easter was ok?

RE: Anybody out there? - The People - 04-06-2018

It was not bad. Better than usual. I tried Alligator for the first and last time.Didn't taste like chicken.

RE: Anybody out there? - nats - 04-06-2018

tried it. didn't taste like much of anything. maybe depends how you cook it.

RE: Anybody out there? - just peachy - 04-08-2018

hi people and nats I feel the same way sometimes I post often and sometimes it often feels the same way to me ..that persons don't respond or answer generally speaking persons in this group often read but that is the way it is would make life more interesting if more people joined in but for some reason or another they don't thanks a bunch for those of you who answer my posts when you do !! JUST PEACHY

RE: Anybody out there? - just peachy - 04-08-2018

HI NATS AND PEOPLE just curious how do yiu try alligator out in England and Canada is it common fare to eat that there isn't common here at all in the states ..rarely does anyone talk of eating rare foods like that here ...also how do you come to eating it is offered at restauraunts or do you cook it at home is it it a specialty at easter or holidays ..was wondering cuz here in the states lamb is a big specialty at easter and very expensive to buy ...people and nats did you cook alligator at this easter or did you eat it at someones house

RE: Anybody out there? - nats - 04-10-2018

LOL jp, we had it in USA, either Georgia or TX, can't remember which. it was at a restaurant - definitely wouldn't try cooking it at home, unless someone could convince me it was a new superfood Smile Smile

RE: Anybody out there? - KoalaGirl - 04-11-2018

Popping in to say hi to peeps. Haven't been here in a while.

RE: Anybody out there? - nats - 04-18-2018

hi KoalaGirl, how have you been?

RE: Anybody out there? - The People - 04-19-2018

Hey! So nice to have a whole conversation! This place means so much to me! JP I would NEVER cook alligator at home. I have trouble with chicken! I don't know anybody who would. Usually, it is served in places that serve spicy Cajun food. From places around New Orleans.

And yes, for those who read but are not sure what to write I agree with Just Peachy. Say hello sometimes so we know you are out there. It gives the place a boost.I smiled when I got here this evening.