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I will never have that` - The People - 02-03-2018

While not everybody likes me in 3D a lot of people do. And I like them, some more than others. Who do I love? My cat. And I loved my friends' kids when they were kids but I don't see them anymore. And don't talk to their parents. They suck.

The other day I was watching Ellen (TV) celebrate her 60th birthday. Her wife came on and talked about how much it meant for Ellen in her life. Knowing that she loved her and always have her back.

I have never had that. I will never have that. I have been off for the last few days. I think that is why. It sucks. Without this little cat my life would be empty. There is so much difference between really caring about someone and allowing them to love you. To trust them to have your back.


RE: I will never have that` - Silent Society - 02-09-2018

I am not sure that comparing your life to what someone says on tv is a good idea. While I hear what you are saying, what people say on tv is always the best of the best. They have down times too. We just don't see or hear about those down times often.
I think that just because you don't have it now does not mean that you will never have it. I think that it is difficult for us multis to imagine that life can be different just because it has been really difficult for so long. I also think that animals are so important. That cat means a lot to you and you mean the world to the kitty. That is a big deal. Just hoping to encourage you a little and say hang in there.

RE: I will never have that` - The People - 02-13-2018

Thanks SS but I have known that I would never be part of a couple since I was 23. And yes people put on their best faces on TV. But this woman does have her own issues. She almost died from an ED. I know her life is different from mine.

I even have trouble opening up to friends anymore. I used to by friendships change.

You are right about my kitty though. Without her I would be lost.