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Sick - Silent Society - 01-24-2018

Hi really sick. Haven't been this sick in a long time. Think it is just a stomach bug. Wish I felt better. Think I just want some sympathy.

RE: Sick - The People - 01-25-2018

I understand that SS. I always want sympathy when I am sick. Don't write off what you are feeling. Sooo many people have the flu this year. If I can suggest something try plain crackers and water. Peppermint tea (the real stuff) works for me when I have stomach trials.

RE: Sick - mosaic - 01-25-2018

it's awful to be sick. being sick is triggering for us and we really do want the sympathy and attention from someone. be sure to try to stay hydrated. and if a fever ensues get yourself checked for the flu. it's serious this year.

RE: Sick - Silent Society - 01-25-2018

Thanks for being so supportive.

RE: Sick - The People - 01-26-2018

You take care.

RE: Sick - nats - 01-26-2018

sorry you're feeling so bad. there are some very unpleasant viruses circling the globe this winter! recommending herbal teas, citrus fruits, and as much relaxation as possible. hope you're better soon.

RE: Sick - Silent Society - 01-26-2018

Thanks nats. starting to feel some better but still have not voice. at least I can eat a little now. Herbal teas are great.

RE: Sick - The People - 01-26-2018

The secret to getting your voice back is not talking. Not even whispering. It is hard, especially with littles but it is what we have to do. Glad the teasare working. Also, if someone could go and get you some popsicles they help. Prescribed by my doctor.

RE: Sick - just peachy - 01-27-2018

hi ss i am feeling same way as you now not feeling my best either but can truly relate to what you are saying , we have had very little attention and nurturing when growing up . so it stands to reason when were sick we want everyone to relate to us like we are the center of the universe .which is normal for us and not a bad thing ..kind of like looking to make up for lost time and get some positive strokes .. do things at home while you are recovering that you really enjoy doing to make you feel better .[AT LEAST THIS is HOW I SEE THINGS AS ]. along with the suggestions others made make sure to give yourself lots of tender loving care [ TLC ] and it will soon MAKE you feel better in the long run .. peace and blessings just peachy