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Stomach issues - The People - 12-21-2017

I have IBS as part of my Celiac disease. I always had it with C but now, especially when I eat nuts. Have spent today running to the washroom. Nuts have always been a favourite food of mine and a way of getting enough protein.Sad

RE: Stomach issues - nats - 12-22-2017

do you think it may have been a one-time thing or a particular type of nut? seems strange it would appear now, unless something else has changed in your health/lifestyle. hopefully, it's something temporary!

RE: Stomach issues - The People - 12-24-2017

Sometimes I wonder if it is cashews. Twice when it happened I was at a friend's house and ate them here (where I am pet sitting) However, I will wait a good while before experimenting.

RE: Stomach issues - nats - 12-24-2017

i hope you can figure it out when you're ready!

RE: Stomach issues - The People - 12-27-2017

Tried cashews last night without other nuts. They are the guilty party!

RE: Stomach issues - nats - 12-28-2017

at least you know now! cashews are tasty, but here they're expensive. hope it's not too difficult to give them up.

RE: Stomach issues - The People - 12-30-2017

Tried nuts w/o cashews tonight. Will see what happens tomorrow.