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Tis the season. - The People - 12-08-2017

It is getting quiet here. As it has always done around the holidays.I know what a struggle it is to get through the season although it has gotten better form me. I no longer need to spend the day with others. I don't need to have decorations everywhere although I do put out a few.With a young cat having a big tree can be horrible anyway.I remember this from my first kitten.

I find that the time leading up to Christmas is the worst. So over the years I have volunteered at various agencies. Being part of something for kids makes me feel less alone.

I choose who I want to be in contact with over the holidays. Years ago I realized that I was giving gifts to people that I didn't even like much. I would rather give a toy to Santa's Anonymous or a shelter, or socks to an agency for the homeless.

Some people I know volunteer for Community Dinners.That is not my thing.

And some people try to get through the day as best they can.That might mean dinner for 1 re something you like and watching Netflix or old movies in order to avoid Christmas, Happily Ever after sap.

One thing that I would recommend is that you buy a gift for the littles. Whether it is a game or a stuffie. Just something to remind yourself and the inner children that times have changed.You could even get a grown up gift of something to wear, some music or whatever. Even if it is a new to you gift (my shopping place these days).

Most importanly, be good to yourselves.Do what feels right for you. If you feel the need to spend time with family, also take permission to leave when you have had enough.

I made the mistake of going to a home of someone I didn't know once. It was the worst Christmas mistake ever, It was after this time that I decided that my own company suited me more than a Christmas that replicated my childhood in too many ways. Well my childhood Christmas dinners were better.

Take control of your holiday. I would love to spend it on a cruise or something else but that won't happen this year.Or any year. So I shall just make the most of it.

RE: Tis the season. - mosaic - 12-09-2017

well spoken, people. it's good to see you are finding your way to getting through the season in what works for you. and you give some very good advice as well.

a holiday cruise does sound nice... not in the cards for us either.

RE: Tis the season. - The People - 12-14-2017

I have always given a gift to my PDoc. This year I choose not to. Our relationship has changed. She takes them home and lets her kids open them. She never thanks me for what I gave her so I am guessing she doesn't know who gave her what.So, in keeping with my decision never to buy a gift because I think I have to, she is off my list.

RE: Tis the season. - nats - 12-16-2017

that makes sense. most of our FOO etc only acknowledge our bday etc via facebook if at all, so feel no desire to spend additional time and effort on them.

RE: Tis the season. - The People - 12-19-2017

Yep! Besides, her fiance is a dentist and her mother is loaded I think. Mostly though it isthe lack of acknowledgement.

RE: Tis the season. - nats - 12-19-2017

yes, if you give something that is clearly devalued by the receiver, then there's just no point giving again. it feels empty at best and disempowering at worst.