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questions - just peachy - 07-05-2017

what is the difference between a post and a thread? how do I put in smiles and pictures above such as rainbow warnings etc I looked at the standard guidelines few times tried and still dont understand it ..any one who knows how to do it please help w to do it love to learn it makes posts much cuter and funnier ... what does it mean post icon and no icon..which way is suppose to stay on thanks to anyone who can help ..

RE: questions - nats - 07-06-2017

each post by a member is a post. all the posts added together on the same topic is a thread.

unfortunately, a lot of the icons (what all the smiley faces etc are called) don't work right. we don't know why either as it's a software issue. the ones along the top that include the rainbow work just by clicking on them, but they don't show up in your post, they are just like a label on the outside so that other people have a little more info about what you talk about in your post.

hope this helps Smile

RE: questions - just peachy - 07-08-2017

I asked about the fonts and person said settings is place to go I looked cant find it u were write got find person to help me