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have a question - Blackrainbow - 02-24-2017

what is hard hat zone?

RE: have a question - mosaic - 02-24-2017

The Hard Hat Zone forum gives the MM community a place to express trauma-related memories and intense feelings, including hatred, vengeance, and violent fantasy, with a level of detail and freedom of expression not permitted in other forums. Because of the highly sensitive nature of the content of this forum, access is allowed after completing 1 week and 5 posts after registration.

RE: have a question - Blackrainbow - 02-25-2017

thanks ☺

RE: have a question - just peachy - 03-19-2017

I'm so confused
about all this stuff ,,,I don't even see a section titled hard hat zone or a category like where the different forums say anything about even say hard hat zone ...I am asking not for me now I am trying to just see whats available and how to get there if I ever need it and to learn how to put posts in the right places ...I have many questions is this the place to post and ask them .... what a post thanks is a buddy list ... what does it mean disable smiles

what does signature mean all these were on wel wag forum it had dot said unsubscribe to post what forum do I put trigger warning not sure how to post correctly can I write trigger warning not sure how to do those symbols or icons sometimes the different alters step in when I am writing I don't have a lot of experience with all my alters inside you people have lot more understanding quite advanced in knowing your alters what is atthread as opposed to


RE: have a question - Cammy - 03-23-2017

JP: If in doubt when you write something that may be triggering to someone else such as graphic descriptions - when you start the thread there is a selection of little icons that you can post with your title - the red warning triangle is the one that warns of possible triggering content. If you can't find it, just start your thread and write "This content may be triggering so I am scrolling", then space down several lines so that they are blank before beginning your post. This gives the others the opportunity to not view the triggering material if they want to avoid it. Triggering material generally deals with actual abusive acts and some here are sensitive to that. That's why we scroll when in doubt. If necessary, if you've accidentally placed the post in the wrong area, a moderator will move it to the correct place. Don't worry, you will get the hang of it. I know it all seems intimidating now, but don't be afraid to post. We will guide you along as required. It's okay.

RE: have a question - just peachy - 03-23-2017

thanks for answ some of my quest. igraine ..last week was st pats day maybe ill have the luck of the irish by reaching that pot of gold and finally getting my 3rd try at typing this message to you and it getting to the post section before the message disappears on me and then I will feel I have accomplished something ....and have not have another wast ed night or day T said yrs ago did people can have adhd in 1 alter then when they switch they r fine and don't have adhd at all ,,, they can have rashes all over their body in 1 alter then they switch and have no rash at all ... the list is endless I could list of examples point is I have adhd combined type my psych dr said which is hyperactive and distracted together so now put that together with did and I have 1 big mess 2 deal with ...march 19 was my birthday I am pisces the fish .... many times like now and lately I literally feel like a fish out of water!!! washed out a shore like I have just jumped out of the fish bowl and become all dried out and shriveled up ......ugh ugh oh I am realizing that part of this problem with this computer learning stuff and icons and qoutations and login and log out is not about learning the comp but me actually switching quickly and not always knowing who is typing me the host or scared abused child or any othe uknown alter ..does any other mm people feel this way or experience his thanks ....

RE: have a question - Cammy - 03-23-2017

JP: You've come to the right place. Many of us here have issues with rapid switching and getting side-tracked in the middle of something simple, like posting. Confusing as it is for you, please remember that you are SAFE here with others who understand from a place of empathy. Please try to relax and enjoy your time on this site, and express whatever you need to - no matter how garbled you feel that the post is. We understand. It's all good my friend, for you are AMONG FRIENDS. You will find as you spend more time here that many here have similar issues to you and others here have unstable personality systems that are evident in their posts. But it's all okay. That's what we are here for - to communicate our own internal states, confusion included, and whichever alter or alters are posting. I know that I've posted and come back a day later without the slightest memory of who made the post. Such is the nature of this coping mechanism. That yours is compounded with ADHD is not surprising, as many if not most people here have other psychological issues aside from the D.I.D. ranging from manic-depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and depressive disorders, just to name a few. It is the nature of the beast, so you are in good company.

RE: have a question - just peachy - 03-23-2017

greetings to everyone on this site I am very relaxed on this site that's why I was surprised that igraine thought I wasn't because everyone is just like me here . they all have did like I do so they know what it feels like personally from their own experience even though they don't know me personally .... ..its the only time I have ever been relaxed around people .. and ever been able to be me ...angelica the host main personality the owner of this body I say that because I have never physically visually known anyone who has did out in the real world ...what I mean is I have read books and seen them on tv videos etc I have not met them personally in my journey in my day to day living in the real world .. what I am saying is I have not had them come to say to me I have did and more then likely I never will cause that's their nature to hide and and not come out unafraid and talk about it .. boy would have to meet such a person and be their friend in the real world,, ok now on a more lighter side with a a lot of honesty and with a great big chuckle from me please can any one tell me tell me as i graine mentioned above to find en joy ment on this site please tell me how does one find enjoyment on this site or any did si te talking about problems difficult did issues dealing with pain and suffering ...when I think of enjoyment I think of big ice cream sundaes big pizzas I get to eat all with my alters coloring more if u like ,, sitting relaxing listening to music ..u get the picture NOW u PEOPLE tell me your list of enjoyable things U LIK E ...... . ...NOW PLEASE HERE ME IGRAINE IM NOT CRITIQUEING YOUR POST OR MAKING FUND OF U I AM MAKING A NEW CONVERSATION STARTER IN THE GROUP ...[SORRY I am not at all yelling at anyone or shouting as the capital letters generally suggest ..on some sites].... I cant do all that fancy stuff on computers that u people do I am just trying to get every ones attention to this post ...heeee hhaa ha lol

RE: have a question - Cammy - 03-25-2017

We all try to help each other in our own way . . . unfortunately the written word can often be misconstrued since you can't see the writer in person to know their true intent. I assure you that my intentions are always to be kind and considerate to the others on this site. I did not mean to suggest that all the subject matter on this site was of a pleasant nature, I only intended that you feel welcome to post and find satisfaction in doing so. THAT was the intent of the word 'enjoy'. Best thing is to forget this ever happened and simply move on. The nature of the Internet is the ever-present danger of a misunderstanding. I bear no ill will and simply wish to move forward. I apologize. I have just suffered a series of severely traumatic incidents and may have been overly-sensitive at the time of writing. Perhaps that is not the best time to be online. I felt criticized and this is an extremely sensitive area for me. Know it was not your fault, but mine.

RE: have a question - mosaic - 03-25-2017

Igraine please do not leave. misunderstandings happen and the best thing about MM is that we can work through them. your presence here is so valued. please do not go.

RE: have a question - just peachy - 03-26-2017

as my text rambled on and I wrote in metaphors my text lost its context ... my email became misinterpreted as sometimes can happen in emails.. I am sorry if I have offended you igraine

and fellow mosaic mind members as that was not my intention ..I feel that I should leave the group since I am the one who has been here for only a short time ..|a couple of weeks |and I have vey little experience knowledge and control over my alters. sincerely peace and blessings to all ...just peachy.

RE: have a question - nats - 03-27-2017

hi Igraine, we hope you don't choose to go again. we always enjoy seeing you here and value your contributions.

we didn't get the impression that Just Peachy meant any offence and there is nothing intrinsically wrong in misunderstandings. perhaps something about this is triggering one or several of you? it seems like a big reaction so we wonder if it might be a trigger reaction. take good care of yourselves and hope to see you around here.

RE: have a question - nats - 03-27-2017

hi just peachy, we didn't see anything in your post that seemed hostile or an intentional attack. misunderstandings are a part of life. sometimes we can work through them and sometimes not. accepting that is also part of life. this is how we all grow.

we haven't seen you say or do anything that warrants your leaving MM. take good care of yourselves.

RE: have a question - just peachy - 10-14-2017

h I all this is old post no one never answered all these questions I would love it if anyone knows how to do any of these things I asked and wouldn't mind answering them for I would be deeply grateful if any can answer them jp me