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I'm a New Member ... - Shadows - 02-19-2017

Hi all,

Just introducing myself. I'm a multiple (just discovering/learning/understanding what happens inside and who is there), although not officially diagnosed with DID at this point. My therapist and I have been talking about DID/OSDD for a while now and it's still unclear at this point which I am.

The insiders and I are working hard on getting along better and being more cooperative, but it is a process that is smoother some days than others. We are trying! To the outside world, we are highly functional, holding a good job, have friends, etc, but inside things can get pretty hairy and scary as we navigate how to live this life with seven of us crammed into one body.

I'm looking forward to meeting others who can understand what I'm going through and the struggles we face.

RE: I'm a New Member ... - mosaic - 02-19-2017

welcome to mosaic minds! it's good you have a t who is willing to look at DID with you. it's amazing isn't it how we can sometimes look "okay" to the outside world and be all a mess inside.

love your picture - we love horses.

RE: I'm a New Member ... - Cammy - 02-19-2017

Hi Shadows! Nice to meet you. We are 8 inside at last count - at least the ones that I can find at this point. While DID is a difficult road sometimes, I have found the journey to mostly be rewarding in learning to live with my uniqueness. It is SO nice to be able to come here and find others who are like me. It does make a big, big difference, especially when no one in the outside world can come close to understanding this like those here can. So welcome Shadows; happy journeying with your new online family.

RE: I'm a New Member ... - Shadows - 02-20-2017

Thanks, mosiac, for the welcome. It's definitely a crazy-making thing that I appear so normal to outsiders, but things inside don't match that level of functionality.

We also really like horses, at least the little ones inside.

And it's good to meet you, too, Igraine. I'm not at the point where I find this journey rewarding yet, but it is good to know that it is possible to view it that way.

I'm looking forward to having a space and place where people can understand.

RE: I'm a New Member ... - nats - 02-20-2017

welcome Shadows! is that a quarter horse? pretty.

we're also high-functing, but mainly because we just don't do the things that would clearly show our weaknesses Wink

RE: I'm a New Member ... - The People - 02-20-2017

Hi Shadows! In our early years Shadow was one of our first to come forward. She doesn't hang out anymore though. We have been diagnosed for many years. We are not sure how many of us there are as we are what is referred to as polyfragmented. We mostly sign under one name and use the body name but sometimes on here you might see Two or Peak or Katherine Ann who like a sense of independence. I hope you keep coming back. Having access to this place has been one of our biggest healing tools. Smile

RE: I'm a New Member ... - Shadows - 02-20-2017

I'm not sure what type of horse it is ... not our own, unfortunately. (Having a horse would be one of the smallest one's best dream come true...).

I hope I keep coming back, too. It seems like it will be a good place to come to.

RE: I'm a New Member ... - Blackrainbow - 03-13-2017

hi welcome here Smile