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New member - scentedmayweed - 02-17-2017

We are new to this site. We are hoping to find other people to talk with who experience DID on a daily basis or who at least have a good understanding of life with DID. We have been in therapy for a long time but our system only revealed itself about 2 1/2 years ago. We have made more progress in that time than in all the other years of therapy!! I have an awesome therapist. My system is big and still revealing parts. We are fragile right now but are gaining strength slowly. Hopefully we will chat with some other people on this site.

RE: New member - mosaic - 02-17-2017

welcome to mosaic minds! this is a great place to come when you have questions, need to vent, or just want to talk about what is going on in your life. we hope to see you around the boards.

love your kitty picture.

RE: New member - Cammy - 02-17-2017

Hello SMW and welcome to mosaic minds. You will find support and understanding here. We are all in various stages of our journey with DID, but we try to help those struggling through the various issues that they face as they move forward. I am very happy to have you aboard and welcome you with open arms. It will be very nice to see you on the boards and converse on various topics, or just shoot the breeze. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

RE: New member - nats - 02-18-2017

welcome! your cat looks just like ours Smile

RE: New member - The People - 02-18-2017

Hi there! Your story is similar to mine! Years of therapy and hospitalizations. Once I was dxd so much made sense and we made a great deal of progress. It has been a long road but we still persevere. This place (and Divided Hearts before it) have been our greatest tool for healing besides our own determination and some good Ts. I hope you stick around. And remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Chances are someone else has asked it before you arrived! Smile

RE: New member - Blackrainbow - 03-13-2017

hi welcome here Smile