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New Member - VioletPeach - 01-15-2017

Hi there, my name is Violet. I am the primary Host of my System. I am here hoping to find a few friends to chat with. Maybe on skype or facebook. Honestly, I feel alone. I feel like a different species most of the time. I've been in therapy for almost two years now (I'm 35) and feel that I've made some progress, but I live with my parents...and one of them is a primary abuser. This certainly hinders my progress. He was extremely emotionally abusive, and though he isn't as bad now, many of my Alters are stuck in the time periods of when he was, and we feel afraid. I do not have any other housing options.
Being a Multiple, I don't understand Singletons, just as they don't understand me. I have one "in person" friend who I met through my therapist. She is like me and I'm very thankful for her. I'd like a few others to chat with though. I don't know why, but I feel that I'm difficult to care about. Perhaps it's all the misunderstanding involved. I also have chronic pain conditions and a variety of other diagnoses from psych. testing. I have a very active mental landscape that does include a hierarchy, and memories are being shown to me from age 2. They are horrifying and heartbreaking, but I believe the System is wise. I am a good listener and can be a good friend.

RE: New Member - mosaic - 01-15-2017

welcome Violet and all. it is very nice to meet you. we hope you come back often so we can get to know you better.

RE: New Member - Cammy - 01-15-2017

Hi Violet. It's nice to meet you. I hope to see you on the boards. I've been here for many years and I can attest to the fact that this is a SAFE place to express whatever it is you need to share with us. You will find everyone understanding to a level you may never have experienced before. It is quite liberating to find others who struggle similarly to yourself. So welcome and don't be shy about posting or putting in your input. I'm happy to meet you!

RE: New Member - VioletPeach - 01-15-2017

We appreciate your replies very much! Thank you Smile

RE: New Member - nats - 01-17-2017

welcome Violet and co!

RE: New Member - The People - 01-18-2017

Welcome Violet. Is there any housing program that your T could help you get into to get you away from him? Or at least know of a program that you could apply to? Cannot imagine that situation.

RE: New Member - Cammy - 02-01-2017

Violet Peach: Hi, Igraine here. I sympathize with you having to live with your perpetrator. I too live with mine, and it is hard. I did make progress for many years while around my perp, but that was before I realized what she was. Now I am regressing steadily. I wish I could tell you that things will get better, but unless the perp's behaviour settles down a bit, you may have to find alternate living arrangements for your own sanity. If the perp is still severely traumatizing you, I don't know if you'll be able to cope or make the progress that you might want to. It is hard to say. Learning more about yourself you may end up taking a hard stand against the perp one day and having all the abuse come to a halt, but I wouldn't suggest just doing this as it might not be safe. Please feel free to write me if you get stuck feeling cornered or frustrated. I am here for you and for all our members here, as they are all there for me. Keep us posted because we really do want to support you in your journey, and where else can you go where you are understood? Take special care.

RE: New Member - VioletPeach - 02-03-2017

Thank you Igraine,

He has modified a lot since he has gotten older, but those of us that are younger remember him as he was and feel afraid...

RE: New Member - VioletPeach - 02-03-2017

Hi The People,

I've spoken to my T about possible housing situations and here in my area, things such as group housing are only available to recovering addicts. I do not receive much disability money because of my age and don't have options right now. Fortunately, I am never bothered in my bedroom. Nobody comes in here except my cat :-)

RE: New Member - VioletPeach - 02-03-2017

Thank you nats!

RE: New Member - Blackrainbow - 03-13-2017

hi welcome here
we used to live with parents too and he was very emotionally abusive to us
we are still scared of him even though hes changed a little bit our bedroom
was where we felt safest cuz they never came in there either so we understand
how you feel
we dnt live there no more tho but we go visit the family once a year and its
hard cuz the fear coems back and this weird feelign in the chest to run
anyways welcome here hope you find friends