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New kitty - The People - 01-02-2017

She had the runs constantly and we thought we would have to give her back. One vet told us only dry food and the other said both. So we went with both.

Our first kitty stopped tolerating wet food. We stopped the wet food and BANG the runs stopped. Vets are not always right just like human doctors.

Kitty is staying. New photos soon.

RE: New kitty - mosaic - 01-03-2017

glad you found a solution so you can keep kitty. they are fun to have around.

RE: New kitty - The People - 01-09-2017

Fun? She loves to destroy toilet paper. Attacks my feet if her bowl is empty and I am in bed. But yes she is fun and much loved. And there was a final step to the issue. We had to permanently leave off the cover of her litter box. Since then there have been no more accidents on the floor.

RE: New kitty - nats - 01-17-2017

hooray for kitty!

RE: New kitty - The People - 01-18-2017

Thank you. She still goes a lot and we have to clean at least twice a day or she will go on the floor again.