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Music - The People - 12-28-2016

I am watching the Kennedy Centre Honours. As I was listening to them talk about a woman whose songs spread the message of MLK I thought of music as a whole. Whether it is the beginning or end of war, weddings, or private and personal times there is little that will bring us back to that time like music does. Probably nothing.

Some makes me laugh, other songs can bring me close to tars. Yet so much of it is healing for me. The only other things is my own writing.

I sing in the shower. When I am walking my friends dogs. To the kitty. In the car where I change channels until I find something that suits me.

Some like opera, others like country. Some people like anything they can dance to, even in the privacy of their bedroom.

I love it. So much a part of my life. It saddens me when schools cut these programs out due to a lack of funds, or like in the school I went to growing up, never offer it to begin with.

RE: Music - mosaic - 12-28-2016

agree - music is a very powerful way to communicate feeling. we listen to music whenever we can, especially while driving places.

RE: Music - The People - 01-02-2017

And the advantage of music while driving is that we can sing as much as we want! I look forward to my new computer coming in as the speakers on this are really getting bad.

RE: Music - Cammy - 01-10-2017

Music communicates with our souls and inner selves in a way that nothing else does. For those of us who have trauma backgrounds, studies have shown that lyrics set to music are very powerful in terms of bringing out strong emotional responses. Like you, music can move me to tears or make me dance like nobody's looking all over the house. The only thing better than listening to music, is playing music ourselves as it is a magical form of self-expression that even surpasses writing - at least that has been my experience. I don't think I've ever met a single person that dislikes music - everyone seems to like music of some genre which is a testimony to its power to resonate with all people. I've often said that music is the chocolate of the soul since it is said that chocolate is liked by almost all human palates, regardless of culture or culinary upbringing.

RE: Music - The People - 01-11-2017

I had hoped to buy myself a guitar for Christmas but my car needed work. Another time.

RE: Music - Cammy - 01-14-2017

You still have the best instrument of all that's with you all the time - your own voice!