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New to MM - Peaches - 12-08-2016

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum. I am trying to have contact with others "like me". I only found out about my DID when I finally found the right therapist in Feb, 2014. I was 43. At that point in my life I was going through a crisis. I was unable to make any positive decisions for myself. I was self-medicating in a bad way. I am doing alright. I have 3 kids, a job and a husband. I enjoy writing, but only my submissives write. Like many of you, I suffer from migraines and headaches. I take a small dose of an SSRI which has helped me feel more stable. I hope that this forum gives me a chance to let us talk and write when we can. All the best to all of you. Peace and love from Peaches. ❤️

RE: New to MM - mosaic - 12-09-2016

hello Peaches. welcome to mosaic minds. it's nice to meet you.

RE: New to MM - The People - 12-09-2016

Hi Peaches. Welcome to MM. Your others are welcome to write too.