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Hi Iam New Memeber - hinaakhan99 - 11-29-2016

I have been working as an SEO expert in USA for almost ten years, I have a passion for Medical websites to achieve business goals and a talent for improving organic search engine ranking with my creative approach, Now a days I'm working for Orthopedic Websites.

RE: Hi Iam New Memeber - The People - 11-29-2016

Are you a person with DID or are you trying to drum up business? If it is the first, welcome. If it is the second, sorry but we don't have the money to pay for site development.

RE: Hi Iam New Memeber - hinaakhan99 - 11-30-2016

Hi The People.. Smile
what is the meaning of DID?

RE: Hi Iam New Memeber - The People - 12-07-2016

Dissociative Identity Disorder. Formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder.