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Laughed until I cried - Cammy - 11-18-2016

I saw a video on You tube that made me laugh so hard I actually started crying. It was about a guy who was tired of this marching band going by his apartment all the time. So, he bought a cheap beat up trumpet and kind of learned to play it. OMG - funny or what? Harmless hilarious revenge. If you go to You tube and type in Trumpet Prank Marching Band and then click on the picture of the uniformed guy with the tuba, it begins. Given that the band can't seem to locate the sound because it is a few floor up and concealed by trees is totally priceless. The way the trumpet player in the band puts his trumpet low at his waits to MAKE SURE everyone knows it is not him, is priceless. I just love it. It is totally something that I would do in similar circumstances (That's the kind of brat I am).