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Quote - The People - 11-17-2016

My God my God why have you abandoned me??????????????????

RE: Quote - Cammy - 11-18-2016

I used to think this too People. I finally figured out, for me, that God was there all the time, and that it was me that needed to walk towards Him. I can't tell you how many times I have asked the question you wrote in your post, "Why have you abandoned me?" In retrospect, I found out that He didn't. There is another saying that once you grasp God's hand, He never, ever lets go.

I hope things start going better for you soon. I am sorry for all the suffering you go through all the time. I think that you must know by now that even though I am this disembodied scribble in cyberspace, that I care what happens to you. And I am sure that many others here do too. I'm hoping that this little bit of knowledge somehow helps you.

RE: Quote - Lands of Rain - 11-20-2016

I think sometimes things in the present and past stop us hearing and seeing him. Then, it's like, well what use is a God who can be shut out by bad stuff... but then again, I'm not sure I'd like him much if he forced us to hear, you know? Doesn't help a whole lot when you're in that place of silence though.

RE: Quote - Cammy - 11-20-2016

I understand what you are saying Lands of Rain. This is a very difficult relationship to try and qualify for different people. Everyone pretty much has to find their own way, and to decide what type of journey to take (or not take), or whether this is a relationship that is worth the personal risk for them. The "place of silence" is indeed a very hard thing, especially when a person so desperately needs the comfort of answers and a relationship with this deity. There certainly are no pat answers.