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I have a new kitty. - The People - 11-11-2016

Two is thrilled. She is all black and likes to sleep on my heart. 11 weeks and so thin. So sweet.

RE: I have a new kitty. - Syuzan VR - 11-11-2016

Hi, your kitty is so beautiful..I have 3 cats buts it's difficult to take care for them as I am working all the time.

RE: I have a new kitty. - mosaic - 11-11-2016

YAY we are so glad you have a kitty now. the kitty is beautiful. how nice that she sleeps on your heart. we have a kitty who sleeps there on us too.

RE: I have a new kitty. - The People - 11-12-2016

Syuzan if we were monominds I would ask if you could have some one to check on them. However, cats sleep 90% of the time when they get past this stage. So it is the time that you spend when you get home that is important. I read somewhere that they need 15 minutes of interaction 2x daily. Not much is it?

RE: I have a new kitty. - nats - 11-12-2016

so cute!

RE: I have a new kitty. - Lands of Rain - 11-12-2016

does she climb up your leg like its a tree? we had a kitten a long time ago and i remember she did that.

RE: I have a new kitty. - The People - 11-14-2016

No, she just attacks my feet when I am trying to sleep Lands of Rain. And she has a stubborn determination to get up on the cupboard in order to explore. Fortunately with the layout it will be hard right now. More challenging to keep her off in a few months.

RE: I have a new kitty. - Cammy - 11-15-2016

People: I love your new kitty. She is actually the type of kitty I look for when looking for a good indoor mouser: lithe, long bodied, long tail, short hair, and hyper-alert. She's a beauty!

RE: I have a new kitty. - VioletPeach - 01-15-2017

So wonderful! We relate to kittens/cats very well <3