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Saying Hi - Lands of Rain - 11-07-2016

We were members here many, many, soooo many years ago but couldn't recall our membership details so we've made a new account. It's really nice to see this place is still here.

We removed ourselves from online contacts relating to MPD/DID after some negative experiences (not on this site or with anyone connected to it). That was, I don't know, a decade ago? maybe more? Anyway, we're happy to be back... and especially to find MM is still here Smile

RE: Saying Hi - mosaic - 11-07-2016

He, welcome.... or welcome back! hope to see you around the boards.

RE: Saying Hi - nats - 11-07-2016

welcome back and love your avatar - and we say this as someone living in a land with a lot of rain Smile

RE: Saying Hi - The People - 11-07-2016

Hi there. So glad you decided to give us another try! I don't know if you were here with us but we welcome you back. It is much quieter now.

RE: Saying Hi - Lands of Rain - 11-08-2016

Thanks y'all Smile It seems all of the boards like this are quieter now and places like tumblr are full of types of multiples that we don't recognise(?) I don't mean that judgmentally, it's just a little weird coming back.

RE: Saying Hi - The People - 11-08-2016

A lot of old timers have moved on for various reasons. It is too quiet sometimes but when someone gets a good conversation going things pick up again. Hope you can be part of that.