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hello! New here. :) - Songbird - 08-16-2016

Hey everyone!

I haven't really looked around much, yet. I thought it might be polite to introduce myself/ourselves first.

I am from Europe, and live here, too. My native language is not English.
We were diagnosed with DID several years ago, and have been on webboards for SI (self-injury) and other things before, so the concept of a forum is not completely new to me/us.

I have dogs and cats. I like to crochet and draw and write - and generally I just like being creative.

Hmm. There's so much to say, but my head is mush right now and I don't really know where to start.
Soooo, I'll just leave this here for now, so you'll know I'm here, looking around. Smile

Thanks for letting me join!


PS: I crocheted the tiger in my proflie picture Wink

RE: hello! New here. :) - mosaic - 08-16-2016

hello songbird, and welcome! that tiger is wonderful we used to crochet but nothing that elaborate. we hope you will feel welcome and post around the site. we look forward to getting to know you.

RE: hello! New here. :) - Songbird - 08-17-2016

Thank you Mosaic! Smile I really appreciate you welcoming me/us here! Smile

RE: hello! New here. :) - The People - 08-18-2016

Love the tiger! Welcome to MM. We have had people from Europe here in the past but don't know if they are still around.. I hope you keep coming back. We are a nice bunch!

RE: hello! New here. :) - nats - 08-24-2016

welcome songbird! love the tiger Smile
we're in the UK, but not sure if anyone else from Europe is here now.