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new here - TheDream - 07-01-2016

New here, male survivor. DID/Bipolar/Anxiety/Anorexia diagnoses. Not really sure what I'm comfortable sharing, but hopefully with time I'll feel better about it.

I like crocheting, playing Hearthstone, watching Netflix.

Will update this when we feel more comfortable putting details out here.

RE: new here - The People - 07-01-2016

Welcome TheDream! Glad you stopped by. Most people share what and where they are comfortable. Take care.

RE: new here - mosaic - 07-02-2016

welcome! feel free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable. we hope to see you around the forums.

RE: new here - nats - 07-03-2016

hi TheDream, and welcome.
we've been catching up on all sorts of TV shows online - any Netflicks recommendations/shows you liked (obviously, as others already said, you don't have to share if you're not comfortable Smile ?

RE: new here - The People - 07-15-2016

Hi TheDream. Welcome to MM! Hope you stay around.

Nats there is a show on Netflix that we watched. Old western style of show. With some American Native stuff thrown in. Cannot remember the name but we liked it.

RE: new here - Silent Society - 07-16-2016

Welcome. Have found this to be a caring community of people who are willing to offer support as often as you are able to engage in conversations. It took us a while to feel brave enough to post when we started coming here. Our ability to post varies but have found support here that we don't get else where.

RE: new here - nats - 07-20-2016

thanks People! we just finished orange is the new black - don't like some things about it but well written. would recommend for those not easily triggered.