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Hello - MLT - 04-09-2016


I've never really reached out for contact with anyone that understands this before I am the host personality, there are myself and three others.
At the moment I am kind of alone. I haven't heard from one of them in about nine months. The other two, well its complicated (isn't it always) but they are beyond my thoughts at the moment. I've never been alone before and I'm not entirely sure how to deal with that. I kind of feel like I am grieving, I also feel kind of empty.

Anyway once I have had a look around I'll see if I can't find the appropriate place to post about that in more detail.

I'm the T in MLT by the way. The forth never appreciated a name.


RE: Hello - Silent Society - 04-10-2016

Hi. nice to see you here. hope you feel comfortable enough to come in and look around. I know what you mean by feeling alone when inside ones are quiet. For us it doesn't happen often but when it does it is very strange. Nice to meet you T.

RE: Hello - nats - 04-10-2016

hi T, nice to meet you!

RE: Hello - The People - 11-15-2016

hi mlt. you must have stopped in while I was moving. Brave of you to reach out and I hope you come back.

RE: Hello - MLT - 11-15-2016

I did, well she did, we did.  No.  She did.

But, I should come back.  We should come back.  Anyway I guess we came back, so there's that.

Heart M