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A thoought actually - The People - 08-06-2015

I just reread some of the guidelines for the forums. One stated that it has to be in English. For sake of avoiding offending others do you think it should be added that no admin (vol) reads fluently in other languages? Something along that line? Or does it stand as is just fine.

A Canadian where having 2 official languages can be a PITA at times.

RE: A thoought actually - MakersDozn - 08-07-2015

Well, actually, we're fluent in Spanish, and we know some French. So that statement wouldn't be true.

It's not just a matter of the admins being able to read something (or not). It's that anyone in the community has the potential to feel excluded if not able to read a foreign-language post.

Also, not being able to understand a foreign-language post may be triggering to people whose abusers talked in code or used language as a form of gaslighting.

MDs, MM Admin

RE: A thoought actually - The People - 08-07-2015

Gaslighting? Not familiar with that term. We do not do well with people who speak foreign languages. Not a prejudice as like learning about their culture. Just in English or we are triggered.

We understand reason for non-English but wondered if reason for it needed to be expanded on a bit. Meh! If people have an issue they can ask.

RE: A thoought actually - MakersDozn - 08-08-2015


Hope this clarifies things.