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Sexuality questions - Flora - 07-09-2015

Can you tell me which forum the topic of sexuality is discussed?


RE: Sexuality questions - mosaic - 07-09-2015

we have a forum for that topic in the Intensity Heights part of the site - access to that happens after i think posting for 2 weeks, but i can't remember for sure what the criteria is anymore...

RE: Sexuality questions - nats - 07-10-2015

you should be able to access after 5 posts Smile

RE: Sexuality questions - Flora - 07-10-2015

Okay. I remembered that there were other areas to post more adult stuff when I was here before and wondered where they had gone. Thanks for letting me know.


RE: Sexuality questions - DC1122 - 07-22-2016

(07-10-2015, 02:43 AM)nats Wrote: you should be able to access after 5 posts Smile

I have made 5 post but I can't see any new forms. Not hard hat or anything elseĀ 

RE: Sexuality questions - nats - 07-23-2016

hmm, have a look and see if you can access now.

RE: Sexuality questions - DC1122 - 07-23-2016

I can see it now

RE: Sexuality questions - nats - 07-23-2016

great, at least some things can be fixed... Smile

RE: Sexuality questions - The People - 07-24-2016

DC1122 there used to be more forums here but as out tech people left and the ones who still help out got smaller the site was changed so it is easier to maneuver,